Capilano Suspension Bridge

I feel it is time to write a post in English since Carl has started threatening me.

Today has been a beautiful day and I have done a lot of fun things.
Around nine thirty I took my morning coffee and took the car downtown. I’m not used to driving downtown so that was a new experience but I didn’t crash into anybody and I found the right way all most immediately so I was happy!
I took the city route instead of going around because I wanted to see more of the city.
Since I survived the driving downtown, I steered the car towards Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge.

When I got past the bridge, I parked and walked back up onto the bridge and took some photos of downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. It’s days like this I really understand why Vancouver is ranked as the best city in the world by The Times.

I then drove up to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, parked the car and paid too many dollars to come in and see the bridge. But it was a really cool bridge and it was nice weather so it was worth it.
I met two girls from Italy in the park that I had a long talk with. They were very nice and they told me a lot about their trip but I realize that Swedes in general are very good at English compared to other Europeans, like ltalians.

Then I started my trip home but course I did a stop at my favorite food place in North Vancouver. Its a fish store where you say what fish you want in your fish and chips and then they cut a piece and fry it. So delicious!

The big bird is an Eagle.

Fish and chips with jam fries! Mmm..


Postat av: Jossan

Åååh va gott!! Tog du hälleflundran?

2011-02-03 @ 07:35:29
Postat av: Johanna

Yes, gillar den bäst!

2011-02-03 @ 08:02:12
Postat av: mamma

Jag saknar både dig och jam friesen nu!

2011-02-03 @ 19:31:54
Postat av: Johanna

Jag saknar dig med mammi!

2011-02-03 @ 20:48:16

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