Friday I'm in love!

Today has been an awesome day. Or actually the whole week has been awesome.

We have come up with and decided so many fun things for me to do in the next few weeks. Now is every weekend booked until I go home and I love it! I like to have a plan, something I almost haven't had since I got here.

Today I have been babysitting Daniella all day and it has been fun. My biggest problem today was to choose infront which of the three garage doors I would park my car. haha!
life or what

Daniella is one of the kids I coach, and she and her family is living in a big nice OC house in an area where all the houses is bigger than Maria Montazamis house. It's pretty sick!
We ate, played, rested and watched a harry potter movie. She is a big Harry Potter fan and knows everything about the movies. I'm not a huge Potter fan but I like some of the movies and I actually saw all of the movies with Eric two summers ago so I understod a bit of what she told me.

Daniellas family has just bought a cabin in Whistler and the father knows that I like downhill skiing, so when I said goodbye he asked if I wanted to go up with them some weekend to ski and babysit Daniella at the evening so they could go to a restaurant together without any kids.
My answer was: Of course, I would love that!
Whistler is a wonderful place on earth and to babysit Daniella is a piece of cake. The cutest little girl in the world!

I can also tell you about some other fun things that we/I have decided this week:

- I am going to Bowen Island next weekend with Julian and I'm really looking forward to that.
Before we go I'm going to run a sprint orienteeringrace in Vancouver on Friday. It will be fun even if I'm not trained for it!

- In the end of February me and Ted is going on a road trip to the Rocky Mountains, Banff and Lake Louis.
It is approximately 10 hours from here so there will be many hours in the car. But I like that because then I can see even more of canada!
It will be so much fun and a big highlight of my trip!

Then it will happen lots of other fun things too. I'll go one week to Big White to ski with the family I lived with in Toronto and Ted, hang out a lot with Alexis and Lucy, coach the kids ec.

I am so happy and I have a lot of fun things to look forward to!

Lots of love



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